Sump Pump Hose Extension Maintenance During Below Freezing Temperature

Sump pumps are widely used during summer months. However, there are sometimes, when you might have to use the item all year around, and even during the jittery winter months. During winter months, customers might face the challenge of their sump pump pipes frozen due to extreme weather condition outside. This results in water damage in lower level of the said homes. Some products come with Sump Pump Hose Extension, designed to remove the water from the pits and drain the same from the place of your stay. During the summer and spring months, these extensions are really important to use. But, during winter months, the same hose extensions might cause havoc on sump pump.

Preventing the issue:

Yes, it is really a big problem during winter months but you can actually get to the solutions really easily. To avoid being a victim of the extension hose frozen pipes, which can otherwise lead to damaged pump or flooded place, you have to remove the Sump Pump Hose Extension when the temperature drops down below the freezing temperature outside. In case the hose gets clogged with ice, you just have to unplug the pump so it fails to work and the remove water from pit. After that, just let the hose thaw or just remove extension hose and operate the pump in that manner.

Proper connection is required:

It is mandatory for you to check whether the extension hosed of the sump pump is connected well with the main pump by using a pipe clamp or not. If you don’t want any further problem to arise with the sump pump, it is mandatory that you get hands on the best clamps for better and fastening help. If you ever reside in a place more prone to temperature drop below freezing point, then it is always better to just disconnect the extension hose before the weather gets too cold.