Spain’s Best Restaurants

Spain is not only home to some incredible scenery, beaches to die for, luxurious spanish villas, and a great nightlife, it’s also home to some amazing restaurants too. From small restaurants that are hidden in the corner of a town to large restaurants that are right in the centre and are internationally known, Spain has it all.

So let’s take a look at some of the very best restaurants you’ll find in this part of the world:

Meson Molinero

Found at Calle Alhambra 72, 28047, Madrid, Meson Molinero is a wonderful place to dine. Serving Mediterranean dishes as well as traditional Spanish meals and steak, if you’re hungry and in need of a good quality meal, this is the place to dine.

The exterior of the restaurant looks very welcoming with its Mediterranean look, and you can tell you’re going to get a warm welcome. Nicely decorated and with wooden beams on the ceiling and elegant lighting, you know you are somewhere special. The menu here is a good one with much to choose from, and it seems to cater for every palate. If you’re very hungry, you need to head to Meson Molinero as the portions are quite big. The quality of the food is good, and the waiting staff are very friendly, making it a must-visit eatery.

Aqui Quedamos

located at Violant D’hongria Reina D’arago, 60, Barcelona, Aqui Quedamos is proud to serve pizza, Mediterranean dishes and traditional Italian dishes too. This eatery may look fairly simple, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the quality of the food will match the décor, but you will be wrong. This establishment is one of those little gems that need to be discovered as all of the dishes are excellent.

If you are a lover of pizza, you need to come here. There are a lot of different pizzas on the menu, and they are all cooked to order in a pizza oven, giving them that special taste. The waiting staff are really friendly here, and they know exactly how to cook anything you order. Although Aqui Quedamos may not be the classiest restaurant around, it really is worth a visit as you’ll be nicely surprised at the quality of the food.

Los Montes de Galicia

Found at Calle Azcona 46, 28028, Madrid, Los Montes de Galicia is just wonderful. The food here is nothing short of exquisite, and the menu is quite extensive. One of the good things about this restaurant is it serves Spanish and international dishes, meaning even the fussiest eaters can find something they’ll love.

The restaurant itself is stylishly decorated and has something of a clean blue feel. Depending on where you’re sat, you can see the kitchen staff hard at work, and you can clearly tell that they want you to enjoy your time here. Offering seafood, meat, and some delicious desserts, this restaurant is somewhere you need to dine. With elegantly presented food and very helpful waiting staff, Los Montes de Galicia should be at the top of your ‘Great Places to Eat’ list.

Al Wadi

Located at Calle Jimios 32 Seville, 41001 Seville, Al Wadi is a real gem of a find. Serving Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Moroccan dishes. Nicely priced, the menu is quite large but every single dish prepared here is done so with care, and all the food is beautifully presented. Al Wadi’s décor is simply stunning, and I would be very surprised if you found a restaurant like it in the whole of Spain! There’s a real Middle Eastern feel to the décor, which just makes your time here even better.

Although the portions here are not huge, they are sufficient, and you’ll probably want to come back again to taste more of the menu. The waiting staff here are great, and the really can’t do enough for you, making your time at Al Wadi one to remember.

Meson Rey Jaime

Found at Avenida Baleares 32, 46023 Valencia, is a steakhouse that really knows how to please its customers. If you love to dine on a bit of steak you’ll appreciate the food here. Decorated in a traditional steakhouse style you’ll feel right at home if you tend to frequent steakhouses back home. The food here is good, and there is a lot more on the menu than you would think, so if you’re not a steak lover I really wouldn’t worry. The portions here are not huge, but they are just enough, and there’s always dessert for grabs if you fancy some.

The dishes are cooked to perfection and they are presented very nicely, proving that you don’t have to enjoy a spot of fine dining to receive nicely presented foods that taste great. The waiting staff here are great, and nothing seems to be too much trouble. If you want to enjoy some steak, come to Meson Rey Jaime.

Serving vegetarian dishes amongst others, you will not leave feeling hungry as the portions are quite large.  If you would like to eat somewhere really special, this is where you need to be.

There are some incredible places to dine in Spain, but I believe the establishments that you see detailed above really are some of the very best in the country. If you would like to dine somewhere special I urge you to spend time at one or more of these eateries as I know you’ll enjoy every moment.