How To Effectively Search For GST Numbers

Goods And Services Tax Identification Number

The significant identifier for organizations in the GST time is the GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or just GST number. Most organizations are applying for GST number or relocating their enlistment from the past indirect taxation system would have first gotten a 15 digit temporary GSTIN, trailed by affirmation of the equivalent when all the important reports have been confirmed.

There can be numerous GSTIN for a solitary individual, being an assessee under the Income Tax Act for each State or Union Territory in which the individual works. It gets obligatory to get GSTIN when the individual crosses the limit for GST enlistment by enrolling himself under GST.

It is hard to run a company in today’s economy without getting a GSTIN number (GSTIN). A licensed business organization enjoys working with the licensed business organization in order to make the regulatory work smoother and without any complications.

Under the GST system, if a registered individual wishes to claim an input tax credit (ITC) on his/her procurement of products relevant to his/her company, the individual must have his/her vendor enrolled under GST that has a valid GSTIN so that he/she can list his/her GSTIN in his/her GSTR-1 return. You can’t demand input tax credit to purchase products that aren’t relevant to your business.

How To Verify A Goods And ServicesTax Identification Number?

Follow these steps to verify any Goods and Services Tax Identification Number.


Go to the authorized GST Service web site, i.e. Portal with GST. If you want to access additional GSTIN data, you also can access your account on the GST Website.


Head over to search taxpayers and click on “search by GSTN”


Type in the goods and services tax identification number (GSTIN) or the Unique Identification Number (UIN) of the business organization in question. Once that is done you will be shown a captcha code, enter the captcha code just as displayed on the screen, and then proceed to click on the search button.


If you followed all the mentioned steps, then you will be displayed the goods and services identification number of the business organization on the screen. Here are the details that will be displayed in regard to the GSTIN

  • Name of business enterprise
  • Location of the business organization
  • Date of registration
  • The kind of tax-payer they are (composition, regular, NRTP, CTP, etc)
  • Status of the GST Number
  • Information about the details filed


If you have entered the wrong GST number then an error text will be shown on the screen.

Importance Of A Goods And Services Tax Number

Under GST, realizing one’s GST number India is critical for any business as the providers of the business need to cite the GSTIN effectively as the GST receipt sequential number in all the receipts which are provided, which will prompt the correct designation of the input tax credit. Thus, organizations ought to get GST numbers from their clients and remember that for bill issues to them, as the clients’ input tax credit will be subject to this. To put it plainly, all organizations ought to apply for GST number India, as GSTIN is a significant necessity for any business. This will push organizations to profit the correct information charge acknowledge as well as to maintain their validity in the market. Organizations ought to be intensive about how to get GST number and in particular how to apply for GST number in India.

Applying For A Goods And Service Registration Number

So as to acquire GST registration number India, one needs to either relocate the enlistment under the past indirect tax system into the GST system or need to apply for new enrollment. While the procedure is consistent because of its online nature, one needs to guarantee that the imperative structure for example GST REG-01 is loaded up with the right data, and the entrepreneur has the right archives close by, so as to finish this procedure in time. Any business which has a question about how to get the GST enrollment number can visit the GST portal to know the entire detailed procedure.