Should You Use a Quick House Sale Company?

Whether or not you should use a quick house sale company depends on your priorities. Would you rather sell your home quickly, or would you rather get top dollar for your home. If selling fast is more important than money, you should consider using a quick house sale company. You should, however, be prepared to end up with only about 75% of your property’s value.

Alternatives to a Quick House Sale Company

Before making the final decision to use a quick house sale company, you should first consider the alternatives. You may find that one of them would work better for your situation. John Smith, a sell house fast London dealer, says always look at alternatives.

Contact a Real Estate Agent: Before you decide to go with the quick sale company, you should contact a real estate agent, and find out how much you should be asking for you home. Often times, you may need to drop the less than the 25% that the quick house sale companies charge.

Negotiate With Your Lender: If you are selling your home because you are having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments, you should contact the mortgage company. They may allow you to extend the term of your loan, making your monthly payments lower, allowing you to stay in your home.

Long Term Care Funding: If you are selling your home to finance your long term care, you should speak to a financial adviser before contacting a quick house sale company. Many independent advisers specialize in funding long term care.

Tips to Following When Using a Quick House Sale Company

If you decide that selling your home quickly through a company is right for you, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Do your own valuation: Before you contact a quick house sale company, you should contact at least three estate agents to get the true value on your home. You want to make sure that the offer given by a quick house sale company is a fair one.

Shop around: Not all quick sale companies are the same. You should shop around and see which company will offer you the most money for your home.

Negotiate: You should never stick with the first amount you are offered. It doesn’t hurt to negotiate with the company to get the best price possible

Get the details in writing: You should get all of the details of the sale in writing. Never trust verbal assurances.

Hire a legal adviser: It is best to find your own independent legal adviser. The company that you use will offer their legal representation, however, you should find your own.

Read the agreement: Before you sign any type of agreement, you should read it thoroughly and understand what you are reading. If you are unclear on anything, you can contact a legal adviser to explain everything.

Avoid long tie-ins: If you are working with a company who states that the sale will take longer than 8 weeks, you should look for another one. A typical estate sale lasts between 8 and 12 weeks. A quick house sale company should offer a much shorter term than that.

Be honest; You should avoid giving incorrect information or leaving any information out. It can make the sale take longer, or it can cause offered price to drop.

Check the survey: When a company reduces the price, they will often blame the survey’s findings. Just to be sure, you should request to see the survey. If the company is legitimate, they will allow you to see it.

Don’t commit early: Before you sign your home away, you should first wait until the surveys and legal checks have been done. You also want to have the final offer in writing.

Deciding whether or not to use a quick house sale company can be a big decision. It is important to understand all of the aspects before you make your final decision.