Maintenance of Necklaces is Important to keep Its Lustre for a longer Time

Whether you have one or multiple strands of pearls in a necklace, it is important to maintain it as this will increase its life. Too much dust and pollution can make the necklace look dull. Regular chain or occasional necklaces all need maintenance depending upon the metal and material of the necklace.

We will discuss all metals and type of necklaces and the method of cleaning them –

  • Pearl necklace
  • Gold necklace
  • Silver necklace

Pearl necklace

It is easier to clean a single pearl necklace, as there is just one strand to be cleaned. However, when there are multiple strands you need to take extra precaution. Each pearl is delicate and they can’t rub with each other, otherwise there will be scratches all it. Damp a soft cloth by dipping it in warm water with mild soap. Instead of rubbing that cloth against earls, simply dab it. Don’t put too much pressure and gently follow the same procedure all over the stone.

Gold necklace

Dip the chain in warm water containing few drops of liquid detergent. Leave it for few minutes to soak in it, then gently rub it with your hands or use a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt stuck in between holes. Avoid harsh rubbing as that can cause scratches on it. Gently, rinse and clean it with soft fabric and let it dry. Remember that, this procedure is applicable for only those gold chains that don’t contain any stone in it. If there are gemstones on your chain, then the cleaning procedure slightly changes, as you wouldn’t like any scratches because of the bristles.

Silver necklace

Silver necklace gradually loses its lustre when they are exposed to pollution in the air, thus they need special care than any other metals. There are special removers available in the market that are used especially to remove dullness and provides extra shine to the metal. Then clean it with lukewarm water and dry with soft cloth and not towel that has fur on it.

Don’t experiment with expensive necklaces. Rather take them to jewellers as they are experts and have good quality chemicals that are used to clean metals.