Latest Bookshelf Decor Ideas For Your Home

After a long and tiring day, do you enjoy spending a few hours reading a book to relax? Reading books is a great habit and can benefit you in numerous ways. Many people often end up buying multiple books at a time and finishing them in a very short period of time. It is very important to store all these books properly. Otherwise, your room can appear cluttered and the books can even get damaged. The best place to store a book is a bookshelf. With a bookshelf, you can ensure that all your books are stacked properly and the aesthetic beauty of the space is enhanced as well. There are various types of bookshelves available in the market. Depending on your preferences and your room interior design, you can choose any option for yourself. Various customisations are available as well. If you are not sure about the type of bookshelf you want, here are a few latest bookshelf designs you should consider:

01 of 03 Choose a simple and straight bookshelf

In most home decor designs, you will see a common simple bookshelf design. This design was used in almost all homes a few decades ago. Although it has a very traditional feel, it looks very elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, you can easily find this type of bookshelf in many modern designs featuring straight and patterned shelves. For an appealing look, you can get an in-built bookshelf on the wall. Just stack up all your books on the shelves and it will give the room a simple yet elegant feel. You just need a surface on which you can place all the books. However, you can create a very stunning look with this bookshelf design as well. You can install it in almost any room, whether you are planning to accentuate the TV unit or create a statement look with all the shelves.

02 of 03 Create a beautiful bookshelf in the bedroom

Many people have the habit of reading books before going to sleep. If you are one of them, installing a bookshelf in your bedroom can prove to be very beneficial. The most obvious advantage is that you can easily access all your books before going to bed without getting out of your bedroom. If you manage to install a bookshelf close enough to the bed, you will not have to get out of the bed as well. Besides this obvious benefit, a bookshelf in the bedroom can benefit you in numerous other ways. For instance, a bedroom with a bookshelf appears very elegant and sophisticated. You will love the ambiance of your bedroom. Further, a bookshelf can be used for other purposes than storing books. If you want to give your bedroom a personal touch, you can display various photographs and portraits of you or your family on the bookshelf. Moreover, it can be used for displaying achievements like medals and trophies you have won. Hence, if you are planning to get a bookshelf, you can consider incorporating it into your bedroom design. If the bookshelf is very close to the bed, do not stack all the books on one shelf above the bed. There are chances that a book can fall down on you in the middle of the night.

03 of 03 Make use of the unused space under the staircase

In many homes and apartments, especially in urban areas, you might not have sufficient space to accommodate a bookshelf. Most homes are quite compact and installing a bookshelf can occupy a lot of precious space that could have been used for other purposes. This is why you can get a little smarter in smaller homes and make use of space smartly when installing a bookshelf. Choosing unused areas like the space underneath the staircase can be a great idea. Since the space stays obstructed, it can be difficult to accommodate other items there. However, a bookshelf can easily fit into that small area without occupying a lot of space. if you can make use of vertical space properly and you can accommodate all your books there. Besides allowing you to save a lot of space, using this area allows you to keep the bookshelf area hidden from the rest of the home decor. As a result, it will not make the interior design appear cluttered. If sufficient space is available, you can add a small comfortable chair so that you can sit by the bookshelf and read comfortably. Also, make sure you install proper lighting. Since the space under the staircase does not receive light properly and stays darker, you might find it a little difficult to find a book.