iPhone Launches An Update That Detects If You Are Wearing A Mask To Unlock Your Mobile

Apple has released the first update aimed at fighting COVID-19. Version 13.5 of iOS, now available, introduces functionality for those phones with Face ID, the technology to unlock the phone with the face. Now, the phone will detect if a person is wearing a mask too; in that case, directly show the screen to enter the numeric code.

It was something that users of devices with Face ID had been demanding these days since the system, based on face reading, was not the most suitable for unlocking or paying with the phone in a supermarket. You could use the numeric code, but the process was not comfortable: the mobile automatically tried to detect the face and, after failing, gave the option to enter the pin. Now that last screen will appear automatically when wearing a mask—this is how to unlock Iphone 12.

How Does it Work?

Also, Apple incorporates the first of its mechanisms to track the coronavirus’s spread through its users: an API (Application Programming Interface) for different health organizations to use in their apps if they wish.

Considering that most mobile phones on the market are Android or iOS, this notification system would work by proximity using Bluetooth technology. Thus, GPS technology to detect location is dispensed with, according to both companies, to “preserve the privacy” of people.

People who have tested positive for COVID-19 would have to indicate it to the app. In this way, when another mobile is less than two meters away, a notification would appear informing them that they have been in the same place with someone infected. “When did you take the last test?” This will be one of the questions that users will be asked.

This API is designed for different health organizations to use in their apps, allowing the exchange of information between Android and iOS devices. However, the project consists of a second phase, which will be carried out in the coming months, to implement the tool in Google and Apple operating systems without downloading third-party apps if you want to use it.