Best Time Management Apps and Tools of 2020

Technology has provided an easier and more comfortable life for humans, not only at home or for leisure, but also at work. There have been many perks that technology has given us, and one of those is time management apps and tools. 

Every day, anyone can be at work. You can be more productive every day by improving and performing more. With the technology now, you can track your work time and measure your productivity using an app. These apps have made the lives of both employers and employees to track productivity because of time management apps. Thanks to the availability of such apps for employees in various industries like the employee scheduling app for hospitality businesses, there has been a tremendous increase in the productivity of such businesses.

However, with hundreds of apps out there to choose from, how can you determine if the one you are using is the best? In this article, you will have an answer to that question. Read on below to know the best time employee trackingmanagement apps of 2020 that you can use to increase your workplace productivity.


Word Counter Tool’s Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer technique is a time management system popular in the 1980s. This technique has been proven effective when it comes to tracking productivity in the workplace. 

Word Counter Tool’s Pomodoro timer is one of the best time management apps to use if you want to track working hours. The timer app has a first-timer that contains 25-minute cycles with five-minute breaks. A cycle is called Pomodoro, and there are four cycles in an hour. When the fourth cycle is done, you will be given a longer break of 15 minutes. 

For the second timer, you can custom it on your own. You can decide how long you want your cycles will be before going on a break. There are “+” and “-” keys that let you customize your duration in a period. 

Lastly, for the third timer, it features a one-time timer, which is perfect to use every day when working. You can set exact hours and minutes on how long you will be working. If you will work for five hours, set the timer for five hours, and it will tick down to the last minute. 

Rescue Time

If you consider yourself a procrastinator and find it hard to be productive, then Rescue Time is the best time management tool for you. For example, maybe you spent countless hours scouring the internet for the best free anime streaming sites, when you use the app, you will notice the actual time you have spent in doing those tasks and makes you become more sensitive in the time you have used. 

The app features an automatic time tracker, and it helps users to avoid getting distractions. Rescue Time also has a feature that is made for a team, so you can also track time and productivity within your work team. The app will track the time you used for work, how much time you waste, and more. 

Focus Keeper

This time management tracker app has the same features as the Pomodoro Technique by WordCounter, because it also follows the same time and productivity technique. This app avoids users to procrastinate and has an idle time when they are at work. 

The tracker app can also be customized according to how you want to track your time and productivity. You can work at peace and no disturbance. This app will put a little time pressure to push you and your team to do more and be more productive. 


If you are looking for a time management app that is more fun and friendly, Forest is the best app to get. You will be able to prevent idle time and procrastination with this app. It lets you stay focused uniquely. 

The concept of this app is like playing a game. If you want to focus on your task, you need to plant a virtual tree on the app. As you are working, and as time is ticking, the virtual tree will grow. Thus, the more focused you are, the bigger the tree will grow. The best part is that you can save all the trees for you to check weekly and see how productive you have been.


This time management app is perfect to use for prominent families and work teams. Time-Tree lets users plan out their days, weeks, and months ahead of time. It is also shareable and allows people to come in one app to see all activities and tasks. This is an advanced planner and calendar effective to use for time management. 


This time tracking app is one of the best to get because it is simple to use. You can monitor employees, control project management more efficiently, and offers productivity analysis. The app tracks not only time, but it can also make a computation of your productivity daily.

It can track the URLs, apps, software, and programs that you opened during work time. When this timer is used on your computer or phone, your supervisor will see if you have been opening programs relevant to your work or task. 


As an employee, it is your responsibility to do your job and finish your tasks on time. If you are an employer, you must keep your employees’ productivity up to the roof. Managing time and tasks has never been this easy. All you need to do is find the best one that will work for you and your team.