I wore Blue-light Blocking Glasses for two weeks, and this is what happened

Screens are all around us, and so is the exposure of our eyes to its blue light. You might have surely heard about getting blockers for the laptop and computer screens to keep that blue light away. The composition of blue light forms the reason that comprehends to its aversion. Blue light belongs to a range of visible light spectrum which has a short wavelength between 400-450 nm. This property of the blue light imparts a higher amount of energy. This high energy can penetrate through the lens and reach the retina. By illuminating the retina, these blue lights produce free radicals which can cause epithelial cell death in the retinal pigments. It may further lower the inflow of nutrients in the light-sensitive cells, causing visual impairment. Having dry and itchy eyes following long hours of exposure to computer screens is something that most of us face very often. But it also is the most ignored problems of the 21st century. Most of us do not pay heed to the fact of how major this problem can turn out to be. Well, using glasses that blocks the blue-light is the solution to this issue but mostly they are yellow and ugly, and when I used them, I was a sight of laughter for all my co-workers and roommates.


You can find blue light everywhere; however, the primary sources of emission are digital screens (including television, laptop, and tablet), electronic devices, fluorescent lights, LED lights and the sun. These components are most of what we expose our eyes to in our everyday routine. Blue-light blocking glasses serve an essential purpose by protecting our eyes from harmful radiations thereby regulating sleep pattern and other body functions. It is the most efficient and pocket-friendly solution to protect your body’s internal rhythm. My job demanded me to expose my eyes to an average of 12 hours per day to this blue light by using computer screens. At the end of the day, I used to feel a lot of discomfort and tiredness in my eyes. To test this fact, I tried glasses that block the blue light for two weeks continuously. For these two weeks, whenever I used the screen, whether it was my computer screen or mobile phones for long hours, I made sure to put on my blue light blockers. By the end of the second week, I felt very relieved and strain-free even after using screen continuously for 5-6 hours on an average. I think the result was spectacular! Much better than I had imagined it to be.


Blue-light blocking glasses usually come in yellow-tinted, ugly shapes, not worthy of being worn in public. Due to less option available in the market, it was difficult to wear blue-light blocking glasses every day, regularly. But I still did not give up on it! I spent long hours researching online and offline markets, looking for a better option; something that would complement my personality and look what I found. I found that Sojos Vision works perfectly for my needs. Sojos Vision glasses offer a wide range of options of glasses that blocks blue light to give protection from blue light and add a charismatic look to your personality. The plentiful options that Sojos Vision offers may provide you with everything that you would want from your blue light blocking glasses.  https://sojosvision.com/collections/computer-glasses/products/she-young

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