How to make the best of your collection this Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the special time of the year for celebrating the bond of love between brother and sister. For this special occasion it is imperative that you make the best of your jewelry collection for this special occasion. Jewelry is a very important part of any festivity or celebration and hence it is very important to make the best of what you have.

If your collection already possesses metals like gold and silver then it would be the wisest to opt for selecting the right kind of ornament from there. It does not need to be told that a light bend of culture and tradition are rooted in going for wears that are valued by festive and celebratory traditions. If for that matter, if your collection does not boost of too many high cost metal ornaments, gold plated or junk jewelry too can give your look for the occasion a great lift. All that needs to be kept in mind is that the costume you select for going with the adornments you opt for are suitable enough and don’t look out of place.

Giving it the ethnic twist

If your wardrobe is gold heavy, well then nothing like it. Raksha Bandhan being an occasion of celebrating traditional morals and customs can surely do with you sporting a highly ethnic look. And what goes better with that lehenga and braided bun more than a sleek gold necklace, earrings and a few light weight gold bangles with price.  You can choose a sari too for the occasion or any ethnic wear and customize your gold or silver jewelry with it. Sleek chains and pendants go almost with every look. You can keep your wardrobe light and sport it with heavy earrings to highlight the face. Make sure that the fabric of your cloth goes with the kind of look you want to sport. If, for example, you choose heavy décor then loud prints can make the attire look too loud. Bangles are a very interesting thing to set off any look. Choose the right kind of gold bangle design to match with your outfit. Gold ornaments with stone laid designs can also do for a classy look. Small or medium sized ear studs can set off a salwar-kameez look pretty well.

Giving it a funky twist

You may also ditch the ethnicity and opt for junk jewelry and a fusion look with indo-western attires and funky accessories to go with it. Kundan jewelry that is sleek and slender in their designing can go pretty well with a funky printed kurti or pallazo you might want to sport for the occasion. Junk silver jewelry too is a recent style trend that can be followed and that goes very well with monochrome colors. You can take a monochrome salwar suit and flaunt it with a heavy printed dupatta while sporting beaded danglers and a sleek bracelet.

Choosing the right attire with the right accessories holds the trick to pulling off the game this festive season. No matter what your collection may comprise of, the right selection and customization can take you places.