Black Men Haircuts That Are Trending Right Now

Regardless of the way you want to wear your hair, whether long or short, twisted or faded, carved or curly these coolest black men haircuts will inspire you to rock the most classic and sophisticated haircuts that are trending now without any fear.

The texture is one element that is giving this haircut a plus. Wear this look with extended styles with either locks, curls or twists. And if your hair is short, consider waves hairstyles. That too will give you a hair design with the same texture as long hair. Browse down and read this article to see some of the coolest and freshest haircuts for black men.

  1. Stepped High Top Fade With A Mermaid Hue

Every element of this high top fade has something you will find interesting. The top is styled flat, and some shapes are accentuated with different hues. The side fade incorporates geometric figures that match the shaped beard.

  1. Hair Beard Design

A beautiful hairstyle trend. The broken lines enhance the cute contrast between a rounded beard shape and the curly hair.

  1. Short Dreadlocks Temp Fade

This classic look proves that men’s style is all about positive attitude. A temp fade comes up with a Mohawk profile from the short strands. The cool locks look superb with a beautiful shirt, suit, and scarf.

  1. Curly Mohawk

Here is another great black men’s haircut that is all raving right now. It resembles temple fade Mohawk; the difference is it is on curly hair rather than the locks. The decorative line extends upwards and gives the style a linear contrast.

  1. Mid-Length Curls+Line Up+Low Fade

This chic style brings together spiral curls and shaved patterns for a glam look. The lineup and the low fade, diminish the edginess around mid-length locks while the beards are shaped squarely at the chin, and curved lines are styled at the cheeks to finish the look.

  1. Mohawk +Drop Fade

Here is another exclusive combo of curly Mohawk and trimmed line. The Mohawk is especially styled at the top and allowed to come to the peak. There is a part on one side added by the shaped line. The drop fade is let to flow down at the sides and back of the skin.

  1. Medium Locs+Mid Fade

A variety of mid-length haircuts for men are effortless to keep with fade, and these mid-length cute dreadlocks is a classic example of such haircuts. The lineup is styled at the front, and mid fade is incorporated at the sides and back. These locks can be worn either loose or tied at the back.

  1. Short Afro And Shaped Line

This is modern black men’s haircut which is upgraded from square shape afro. There are clear lines above the temp fade for definition.