Everything you need to know about apartments and condos:

Most people are confused regarding the difference between a condo and an apartment. As they do not know the various benefits that each one of them offers, they could not quite decide which one to go with. Both of the options have its own advantages. But first you need to ask yourself certain questions like what is your budget and what do you expect to get in that amount of money. Think of a condo as a house which is owned by an individual who has decided to put it on lease. As the condo was once a place where the owner was living in, then it is obvious that it comes with all the amenities included. On the other hand, apartments are inside of a building, which contains a lot of other rental units as well.

Make your choice depending on your personal taste in art:

The major benefit of choosing a condo is that you get to select it on the basis of your preference in design and layout. Built-in condo [บิ้ ว อิน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai] is usually better than apartments as they feel more like home. They come with all of the needed amenities that one wishes to have. Although, you have to pay for the included amenities but it’s all worth it in the end. In a condo, you also get to choose on the basis of personal touch of the owner as he or she has designed the house for themselves.

Crucial to talk about maintenance beforehand with the landlord:

The maintenance process in an apartment and a condo differs a lot. In an apartment, you get the benefit of having a 24 hours of maintenance service which is hard to get in a condo. However, condos are designed so perfectly that you hardly run into a problem ever. But it is best to talk to your landlord beforehand if he or she would be responsible for the maintenance of the condo.