Do I have to pay my bail upfront

A bail bond is a promise in black and white attested by you as a defendant. This is a surety to ensure that you will appear in court on the date and time scheduled by the court. The bail amount is generally decided by the court.

A friend in need:

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Sometimes, these mistakes put us at odds with the law. When facing DUI or other such charges, you can apply for bail through a bail bond. The amount set by the court in this bond might be beyond your capacity to pay. There are a lot of companies that provide liquid financial services to help you in your time of distress.

This will allow you to go out of jail and return in the comfort of your family and plan your litigation. These bonafide companies provide payments against credit cards, car titles. These companies are available for assistance at any time of the day or night. In order to understand how these companies work, here is a link for quick reference,

History of bail bonds

Bail bonds were first established as a business by Mr. Peter P McDonough in San Fransisco in 1898. Bail Bonds are a standing security agreement between the Bondsman and the local court officials. So what makes them so effective? These agents impose irrevocable bonds on the defendant, lest he/she fails to appear in court.

This includes, but not limited to seizure of all assets of the defendant, freezing the bank accounts (accessed through SSID), and/or imprisonment of next to kin. So, think twice before you think you can take it easy! They have security arrangements with insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions to draw on such bonds even outside normal business hours. Hence, the need for cash is solved when you have a bondsman by your side!