Development of Vinyl Sidings by the First American Roofing and Siding Companies

There has been a time when aluminum sidings have reigned supremely in every American household. But from the 1960s, there has been a visible change in the visual taste of the Americans paving the way for vinyl sidings in the homes. Initially, the vinyl material earned an unimpressive reputation owing to the inferior quality of the content. The sidings sagged and cracked easily which made the people think that vinyl is not the perfect material after all for the sidings. But the modern techniques of manufacturing has combined vinyl with the high-tech plastic to form an exceptionally high-performing article.


The vinyl sidings are available nowadays in different textures and colors as well as profiles which provide you with enough versatility to design the dream exterior. The First American Roofing and Siding company that started using the technology in the developed format is having years of experience in the installation of the product too. So you can easily demand the cedar shake look but in the vinyl quality. The vinyl sidings look so authentic that nobody will be able to guess from outside that the material is vinyl. The flexibility to install he sidings horizontally or vertically opens up a new section for further experimentations regarding interior decors.

Thermal efficiency

The vinyl material is capable of thermal bridging. The term implies that the siding can prevent the heat loss through the wall studs of the exterior walls. The wall studs which are there for insulation becomes the reason for the heat loss wherever they come in contact with the exterior. So the installation of the vinyl sidings will ensure that the home remains warm during winter and cool during summer. This, of course, increases the thermal efficiency of the building. The insulated sidings can add up to the energy efficiency.