Key Questions to Ask Your Next Chicago Digital Marketing Company

With so much competition in the digital marketing space in the Chicago area, it’s important for business owners to be very selective when hiring a digital marketing agency. Why? Because the services that are provided by digital marketing agencies can have a direct impact on sales as well as how your target audience perceives your company.

Many agencies have the ability to assist with marketing and branding in the digital market place in a manner that establishes an online presence and increases user engagement; both locally and globally – so selecting the right Chicago digital marketing company is imperative for your business.

One of the best ways to find the right company is to ask the right questions prior to bringing on your next Chicago digital marketing company. Some important questions to ask include the following:

How Knowledgeable are Members of the Agency

As many digital marketing agencies begin to experience growth, they began to hire or outsource their services to others. Some grow to this point, whereas others start off that way. Not that outsourcing services are a bad thing, but it could be a sign that the person representing the agency does not have the industry knowledge that they are implying.

It’s important to find out early on how much knowledge the digital marketing consultant personally has and how they can help grow your business by developing digital marketing strategies designed specifically for you.

Do They Have A Criteria For Selecting and Qualifying New Clients

Any successful digital marketing agency based in the Chicago area should have certain criteria concerning the type of new clients they take on board. This should be a telltale sign as to whether or not they work within certain parameters and if you are considered a good fit. This is important because not all clients are good candidates for all digital marketing agencies.

Do They Have Social Proof

Another telltale sign as to whether or not a digital marketing agency is both knowledgeable and successful is social proof. The social proof allows you to observe feedback and reviews from other satisfied customers before committing to hiring a Chicago-based digital marketing company. Working with a digital marketing agency is typically a long-term commitment which is required to experience growth.

Will They Develop a Customized Plan Based on Your Specific Digital Marketing Needs

Although there are some basic components of every digital marketing plan, each company has its own unique brand that needs to be developed. In addition to that, they need to develop specific marketing messages crafted to target your specific target audience. The digital marketing agency should be able to provide a well-crafted, customized digital marketing plan based on your specific digital marketing needs. Knowledgeable digital marketers understand that not every member of your market segment has the same social media behavior and thus some digital advertisements may need to be different for different social media platforms.

It’s also important for digital marketing agency assists you with

  • establishing an online presence, and
  • develop a plan that helps you obtain a global and a local reach

For the reasons indicated above, it’s important to ask if the agency can assist in this area and the kind of results they’ve had in the past.

How Will They Track and Measure Outcomes

Another important thing that a skilled digital marketing agency should be aware of is the importance for business owners to set goals that can be achieved through various marketing efforts. When implementing a digital marketing plan, it should be with well thought ought goals and objectives in mind. Without them, it will be difficult to measure outcomes and the performance of digital marketing efforts. So basically it would be great to ask whether or not the agency tracks and measures performance.

Before hiring a Chicago based digital marketing agency, its important to hire the right one. Hopefully, asking these questions will assist you with that effort.