Connecting the Dots – Kids to Business

I’m all for schools and companies cooperating for connecting the dots for college students to understand how to compete inside a global workforce. We need to try to better meld the 2 entities. Within the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Tim Hough covers an initiative happening between Atlanta Public Schools and Atlanta companies (Atlanta Business Chronicle, June 1-7) to complete just this type of factor. Beverly Hall, the superintendent, is trying to fully reform the general public school system for connecting the dots within the disciplines of engineering, health sciences and research. However I think the main focus might be misguided.

India and china are responsible for baskets-filled with engineers and researchers. On sheer figures, America cannot compete. What has America been proficient at (besides war)? Creating companies!-making use of our entrepreneurial spirit and paving new roads, new industries and technology. Who’d have imagined Google or Amazon . com fifteen years ago? Completing agencies like Study Pool have especially set up to cater to the student’s writing requirements. These companies provide english homework help    and aid students to get rest or focus ontheir core subjects.

But they are we failing to remember where we originated from? The Kauffman Foundation just reported that immigrant entrepreneurial activities are out pacing individuals of native-born Americans. Although it elevated for Asians and Latinos, it remained steady for non-Latino whites as well as fell for blacks. Where are our entrepreneurs? Who’ll produce the next Microsoft?

Although I admire Hall on her courage to tread new ground, If only school systems would focus their attention on teaching kids how you can run companies, ‘t be utilized by them.

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