3 Big Steps to Improving Your Family’s Health

There is great concern today about the overall good health of families in Australia and other western countries. Too many people do not take care of their health and as a result they have heath challenges that require surgeries or long-term care.

There are many things that can be done to improve your family’s health. The key is to take them on and be consistent with them. When you do this, there will be a myriad of positive effects including weight loss, better nutrition, and better overall general health. Here are some of the most effective things families can do to improve their health.

Feeding Them Better Quality Meats

What we eat determines to a large degree what our overall health will be throughout our lives. Those who eat better quality food end up having less illness and better health overall. So,it is important that we do all we can to get the best quality food for our families.

Since meat is a primary source of nutrition, we can do a lot to improve our family’s health by getting them the best quality meats.This begin and ends with the foods we purchase at our local grocers, butchers and even online.

Many experts agree that there is a big qualitative difference between grass fed meat and the meat from animals that grow up on industrial farms. Free range animals provide the free range lamb, chicken, pork and beef that we can purchase from free range butchers, at their shops or online.

Free range animals are raised in the healthiest conditions and are not given growth hormones to help them grow more quickly. These substances are passed through their meat and into the bodies of those consuming it with the potential to cause multiple health issues.

Further, because of the filthy conditions they live in, industrial farm raised animals are constantly given antibiotics to keep them healthy. These medicines are also passed into humans when they consume these meats and it contributes to antibiotic resistance we see so often today.

Free range animals are raised on humane farms that never use antibiotics, and that keep the animals in healthy conditions where they live their entire lives. The result is that they provide not only meat with no antibiotics, but also meat that is richer in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and good fats that are important for the growth and good health of humans.

Stress Reduction Strategies

Our lives today are so stressful at work, home, and in our complex relationships. Too often, people find it difficult to unwind and relax leading to both physical and mental health issues.

There must be a focus on ways to help each family member reduce stress. There are things families can do together, including setting aside family time to do activities like games, taking a walk, going out to see a film together or even studying meditation.

You can also break these activities up for each of your family members who might find them interesting.  The effect from these activities is to get your group away from their stressful life if only for a short while. In the end they will feel better, find life more enjoyable and be healthier.

Drink More Water

The simplest way to improve the health of your family is to have them drink more water regularly.  Water is required for the good functioning of nearly every system in our bodies, and yet less than half of the population drinks the recommended amounts of clean water each day.

This can cause us to be sluggish and unable to operate at our peaks in the short term and over longer periods of time, we can have negative health consequences from digestive to circulatory related health issues. The simple way to get your family to alleviate this problem is to have them each carry water bottles with them throughout the day. They can sip from them each time they think about it and constantly fill them. Over a short period of time they will begin to feel better and become addicted to this good behavior.

Investing time and other resources in your good health saves you money from loss of work and the cost of medical care.