15 Items to Pack for Your Next Global Excursion

  1. Portable Charger

There are few things worse than traveling abroad, seeing wonderful sites, but running out of battery on your phone, stopping you from catching pictures of it all. Don’t even bother risking it, and keep a portable charger with you at all times.

  1. Passport carrier

We lied, there’s definitely something worse than your phone dying, and it’s losing your passport and all your cash and important items. When you’re traveling abroad, it’s best to keep all your most important items hidden to protect them from pickpockets.

  1. Reusable water bottle

Whether it’s winter or summer, having access to water can make a huge difference in how much exploring and adventuring you can do! Make sure it’s empty for the flight, but as soon as you’re in a reputable establishment, fill your Kool8 canister with filtered water (make sure it’s safe).  Tourists are often susceptible to highly-inflated prices when it comes to buying water bottles at key tourist destinations.

  1. Walking shoes

Don’t forfeit style for comfort, but still aim to be comfortable when it comes to all the walking and exploring you’ll be doing. These are all great looking shoes that will match with whatever color you’ve put on, while also allowing you to keep going for hours.

  1. Sports bars

You’ll want to make sure you keep yourself well-fed, but also that you have a supply of snacks and munchies to help you power through long afternoons or mornings.  These power bars are great tasting and made from quality ingredients. Throw a few into your suitcase when you pack, and sneak them into shoes, pouches, clean socks, and other small spaces, so you don’t have to pack an entire box.

  1. Neck pillow

It’s important to catch sleep while you can, whether it be on an airplane, in a car, or on a long bus or train ride.  Neck pillows help support your head from lobbing up and down so that you can maximize your rest time while being transported. This kit even comes with ear plugs, a cell phone pocket, and an eye mask, all to help maximize the amount of rest you can get.

  1. Eye Drops

Red-eye flights, changing time zones, long days, and new climates can all contribute to dry, tired, and red eyes.  Help keep your eyes healthy and avoid irritation with eye drops that actually work and promote hydration and blinking.

  1. Detergent pens

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find both the access and the time to do laundry while you’re out on your trip.  It’s also highly unlikely you won’t accidentally spill on some of the pieces and clothing your brought. Keep a detergent pen in your luggage in case you find yourself in need of a quick cleaning.

  1. Universal Travel Adapter

This is not only a great purchase, but also necessary if you’re planning to hit more than one country or continent. Always check the voltage and wattage of the items you’re needing to plug in and make sure they’re compatible with where you’re traveling in.  Keep in mind, some just need converters while others need adapters, and make sure you plan accordingly.

  1.  Stomach aid

Maybe you’re a nervous traveler, maybe you’re sensitive to foreign or ethnic foods, or maybe the time change upsets your track a big.  Either way, having some stomach aid is incredibly helpful for those most dire of situations.

  1.  Anti-Inflammatory medication

Check with your doctor before just picking a medication, but having anti-inflammatory medication can be perfect when you’re tired, experiencing a headache, or in case you hurt yourself while traveling abroad.

  1.  Personal cleansing wipes

Flexibility and readiness are pretty key character traits when it comes to a successful traveling excursion.  Maybe the pipes don’t work, maybe you have an early morning, or maybe you weren’t anticipating the number of people waiting to use the shared shower.  You’ve also got crowded public transportation and public restrooms. If this is the case, it’s critical to have some personal cleansing wipes to give yourself the opportunity for a quick wipe-down if needed.

  1.  A great read

Don’t waste your down time.  Sneak a good book or two into your suitcase so you can easily sneak a couple pages in when you’re flying on the plane or riding into town.

  1.  First Aid Kit

You never know what emergency is going to arise, that’s part of what makes it an emergency.  Prepare for the unexcepted by packing one of these small, compact, and conveniently sized first aid kits, complete with the bare essentials, including bandages, scissors, gauze, and plenty of other small pieces.

  1.  Travel detergent

If you’re a minimalist packer or you know there’s limited space in your suitcase, then you’ll certainly want to pack some of these.  These convenient packets make it easy for you to wash your necessities in the sink without needing to find a laundromat or pay expensive fees for laundry services.