What You Should Know About the Different Types of Shirt Cut

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Having a white shirt in the closet is a basic rule that every man should follow. However, repeatedly it happens that we do not get the shirt to fit our body in the way we expect, so all our dreams of wearing gallants go to waste. Why do many men all shirts look perfect on the body and you seem poorly groomed? In this article we shall unravel the mystery behind every type of shirt cut you are likely to come across.

Regular Fit

Or also known as straight fit, it is what we commonly know as a straight cut. They are the most comfortable on this list since the width of the sleeve is standard and the armhole very wide, just like the chest. This type of shirt never fails, it is ideal for any body type, since, if it covers your shoulders well, you will fit into it. It can serve well as a workwear.

Tailored Fit

This shirt is like the regular fit but a little narrower. Its name indicates that it imitates, in some way, the cut of a shirt made by a tailor since it seems that it was made to measure, but not tight. It is a shirt that, despite being closer to the body, does not take away your freedom or movement, but it gets narrower in the part of the trunk, since what is sought is to enhance the silhouette of the man.

Custom fit

In this shirt both the armhole, the width of the sleeve, the contour of the trunk and the chest are further narrowed so that the figure is even more highlighted. It is an ideal cut for tall and thin people, since it achieves an effect that seeks to emphasize the gentleman’s shoulders concerning the waist, so that it looks more corpulent.

Slim Fit

With this cut the trunk is shortened and the chest narrowsFor its part, the armhole and the width of the sleeves keep its style tight. Thanks to the cut of this shirt the man will look much beefier, in addition to having a shirt much tighter to the body, therefore, it is more recommended for people with a very flat abdomen, since we would not be hiding the belly, if no, underlining it. If you must get one of this, get one with a good design screened t-shirt (ออกแบบ สกรีน เสื้อ, which is the term in Thai).