What forms the base of the make-up of women?

If you look at the makeup process of women you will notice that there is a certain pattern better to say procedure following which one can very easily master the art of facial makeup. And one of the first steps in the whole process is to apply the Primer (ไพรเมอร์ , which is the term in Thai). Primer is very much essential to the makeup process because it forms the very base of makeup. So getting the primer right is important, and one can only get the primer right if they have a good quality primer to go with in the first place.

What points do you need to keep in mind before you go out to buy primer?

Now when you are out to buy primer, you need to keep in mind few points. Like the primer must be durable that is, it must be water and dust resistant. The primer must be adaptable to all different types of skin in the first place. Now among so many different skin types like oily, dry, and sensitive, one must find the right one that suits all these types of skin in the first place. Now this adaptability depends upon the formula on which the primer is based. So it is really important to choose the clinically tested formula of the primer in the first place. So to get the best formula of primer you need to get the best brands after all.

How to get the best quality primer in Thailand?

If you are in Thailand then there are only a few brands that can provide you with the best quality of primer in the first place. And among the few international brands Lancome is the most reliable one without any doubt. They have currently opened their new online portal in Thailand. From the portal you can buy all their products without any delay. They provide free delivery of products across Thailand. They are also providing fifteen days return policy on all their products. They are also giving discounts on their products sold online. Apart from these you also get authentication guarantee of all online products. So without wasting any more time if you need good quality primer in Thailand then make sure to visit Lancome Paris official website.