What causes chronic pain to be different from acute pain?

Acute pain is a type of pain that lasts for a short duration from a few minutes to a few days while chronic pain may continue for years. Chest pain in asthma in acute pain and this pain also sometimes described as chest tightness or chest discomfort. Ventolin by DoctoronCall can help to manage this acute chest pain in asthma.

The sensation of tightness in the chest or chest pain is a symptom in which there is a sort of chest discomfort, chest pain, or heaviness. This symptom is disturbing and may affect your daily routine. Some people may describe chest tightness as difficulty in breathing or a feeling as if they are having broken ribs.

The sensation of tightness in the chest or chest pain can be due to so many reasons. Some of the causes are a heart attack, asthma, chest muscle injury, pneumothorax, and many more. Medical consultation and physical examination is a must to analyze this symptom. Analysis of this symptom will help doctors in formulating a diagnosis and subsequently choosing the best treatment to cure the patient.

Ventolin is a type of medication that results in dilatation of the airways. This medication contains what known as salbutamol. Ventolin is a specific form of salbutamol that taken via inhalational. Generally, salbutamol can be taken via oral, inhalational, or intravenous. Salbutamol or Ventolin results in the dilatation of the airways.

Ventolin is always the answer to chest pain. Ventolin is only used in a chest pain caused by airway narrowing for example in the case of asthma. Other causes of chest pain have different treatment plans and management.

Chest tightness or chest pain is an alarming symptom. You must immediately go to a hospital unless you are known to have certain illnesses that allow you to take the medications given by doctors at home. Let’s say you are still not improving with the given medications, you still need to go to the hospital.

Chest tightness or chest pain caused by a heart attack can deteriorate super fast and may cause death in less than an hour. That is how serious chest pain is. Chest pain caused by a pneumothorax can also be an emergency case that may need emergency medical intervention. It is a wise act to go to the emergency department if you are having chest pain.

Another known condition that may cause chest pain is anxiety or panic attacks. This condition related to mental health and it has different interventions. The less severe form can be managed by doing relaxation techniques like deep breathing while the more severe form may need medications and cognitive behavioural therapy. Ventolin has no role in curing panic attacks. Ventolin is always prescribed by the respiratory physician while panic attacks are usually managed by the psychiatrist or general physician.

Some cases do not require you to go to the hospital. Cases like asthma can be treated at home with the given medications. Medications like Ventolin help relieve chest pain and prevent respiratory failure. If you are an asthmatic patient, make sure you always keep your medications at home or within reach. You can’t afford to run out of stock as that may lead to death.