What Are The Merits And Pitfalls Of Fine Pitch Sockets

Are you in search of sockets for fine pitch test solutions? A fine pitch socket is a perfect choice as it blends spring probes using precision technologies. There are two opposing walls to allow the pin insertion. These walls reinforce with fiber and thermoplastic polymer, which show resistance to flames. 

Whether the attachment with the substrate is permanent or temporary, fine pitch sockets are ready to extend the electronic components with interconnection circuits. In the case of quick attachment, the sockets have a conductive fluid to assist the electronic circuits. 

Keep ball damages apart:

Usually, socket testing needs a sustainable electrical contact. So, fine pitch sockets play a crucial role in minimizing ball damages. A new bow-type connection gets added to the sockets to offer a tremendous linear force. If the contact tip is smooth and round, ball deformation is not an issue at all.   

Fine pitch sockets need to suit a more extensive pitch size too. Thus, they come with an expanded version to support surface-mount technology. Fine pitch sockets are also available in a standard base version with a new guide frame and button to accommodate integrated circuits of varying sizes. 

The fine pitch sockets have two opposing walls, which help perform pin insertion without causing any damage to the socket. Even the walls also get free from collapses while reducing the reflow soldering. So, no more problems are available to pin insertion even after completing the reflow soldering. 

You can rest assured to get a proper insertion without cracking and wall collapse. The pin retaining force helps a lot in minimizing the insert cycle.

Merits of fine pitch sockets:

Is investing in a fine pitch socket the right option? Of course, you will reap numerous advantages in return. However, the first benefit is the hassle-free testing, maintenance, and replacement. You can quickly install and remove the fine pitch sockets. 

You can install these socketing devices even in the final assembly. The extra benefit is the reduction in the in-process inventory. Manufacturers also get help from fine pitch sockets if they want to regulate assembly procedures. If you need to avoid tariffs in overseas manufacturing, use a socketing device in the partial assemblies. 

Using fine pitch sockets is also helpful for companies while testing, checking, and evaluating the system elements without installing the system permanently. If you decide to handle a new system or device, don’t forget to invest in fine pitch sockets.

The pitfalls of fine pitch sockets:

Manufacturers feel hard to stuff the molds of fine pitch sockets. So, the socket loses its mechanical properties while inserting the contact pins. Similarly, the improper angle of DDR connector walls needs high pressure for installing and removing the memory module. Hence, the damaged socket or module is the end outcome.

Bottom lines:

Fine pitch sockets have both upside and downside. But, you should not regret its crucial role-playing in your daily life. The tts group strives to meet your expectations with high-quality products. Try them once if you are looking for cost-effective fine pitch sockets without compromising on quality.