Want to send parcels to America:

If someone wants to send parcels to America [ส่งพัสดุไปอเมริกา, which is the term in Thai], then the shipping company is there to help. The shipping company can send the parcel to anywhere the person wants. It’s just that the person has to pay the amount and parcel. After that the parcel will be shipped to the client’s desired location. Just give the proper address of receiver’s house or workspace. So, that the parcel can reach out to its destination quickly. And when someone wants to send something urgently to America then they can go with express mail service.

In express mail service, the parcel will be delivered to the client’s desired location within three days. Of course the amount will be more than the normal delivery charges. Because it takes less time so, price is obvious that it’ll be high. But it will be not that much that nobody can afford it.

Send your goods to relatives living in China

Relatives can be anywhere and if someone has a relative living in China. Then it is not possible to see them every month or so. Unless if someone is that much rich to spend all the money on flight tickets. So, if someone has a relative living in China and wanted to send goods to China [ส่งสินค้าไปจีน, which is the term in Thai]. Then it can be done with the help of shipping companies. The shipping companies can deliver someone’s parcel from Thailand to China in just a couple of days.

Just send your goods to the relatives

Meeting and greeting is a part of happiness to our relatives. But when the relatives live in some different country then it is not possible to see them often. But one can send goods to their relatives living in other countries by shipping companies.