The smartphone giant Apple and how it became what it is today?

If you ask anyone to name the technological giants of this era you will get three names. The first one will be Google, second and third being apple and amazon. This simply gives you the idea of how big are the brands themselves are. Take the example of apple for instance. Since the day Apple launched its flagship smartphone brand iPhone, it became one of the most sorts after gadgets in the world. Though there is not much significant difference between Apple iPhone and other global brands it is however slightly better in terms of cutting edge technologies. Like for example, apple iPhones offer greater security for its users. On the other hand, the camera and lenses from the iPhone are much better than any other brand per se. The ram and speed and color panel is also better than most global brands.

The Apple iPhone has become one of the symbols for class and is currently a social status to proclaim that you are of the higher tier. Most people value the iPhone so much that if they ever get to own one they quickly upload a picture on social media with a high five emoji conveying how thankful and pleased they are for being able to own one.

Know details of iPhone and its specifications

Now if you look at the detailed specifications of iPhone models, you will notice one thing. With every new model being launched the pricing goes up. And it is one of the drawbacks of the smartphone brand. Like most middle-class citizens owning an iPhone is always essential however buying the latest model of iPhone may not be possible for many. And this is where you can opt for the last backdated version. Like if you are to buy iPhone now the best option with regards to the limited budget would be IPhone XS ( ไอโฟน XS, which is the term in Thai). iPhone XS is the last version before the current iPhone 11. Thus the price is reduced without compromising on the specifications.

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