The history of slots machines

There are several Situs Judi Slot Online that you can embrace for your online gambling experience on slots. But before that, you must understand the history of the game so that you appreciate technology and how far it has come.

Slots machines history started with the invention of a mechanical device that was coin operated around the year 1800.  It is at that time that there was a significant expansion in America to the West. There were frontier towns being established.

The origins of the slots machines

It was inevitable to start the coin operated devices.  The frontier people were very crafty. They found themselves with an amount of leisure time that was ever-increasing.  They also had a new access to affordable metal goods. Just the way the patent market and the entrepreneurial spirit were growing, so was knowledge.

At first, the gadgets were items of novelty. They were found only in restaurants and bars, being more of games than of anything else. There was a popular game that featured a race that was done between two toy horses that were triggered when a coin was inserted in the machine. Bettors started gambling on what outcome will be amongst themselves instead of using the device.

By 1888, machines that paid out real coins were available, though not very popular.  They required a lot of upkeep as they were very crude devices. They were also easy to be ripped off. The popular games were the ones that paid off in prizes of coins by the bartender, or in terms of free cigars or drinks.

A poker game of three-card is an example of the games that were played then.  The prize varied depending on the card that sprang up.  You would then b rewarded by the bartender accordingly.

The pioneer slot machine

Charles August Fey, an inventor who was a Bavarian-born American, is the one who is responsible for the first slot machine as it is known today. Working as a mechanic in San Francisco, a town that was in the middle of a boom because of the expansion of the American West and precious stones,  Fey, while bored, constructed the first slot machine that was coin-operated in 1894.

He continued working on his invention and his game was known as Card Bell.  In 1896, there was a revamping of Fey’s Card Bell game into a slot machine of three-reel with a payout mechanism that was auto cash. It became so popular that it forced Fey to quit his job, started a factory, and started producing several units.

The game is recognizable in the modern gambling world. It featured a level that was able to set in motion, three spinning reels. The symbols on the cards were based on play cards suits traditions, which, when lined up, could hopefully produce a valuable poker hand.

Fey was faced with a problem. Where he was was a frontier America, which was a country that was still under the Puritanism influence. Ministers railed the evils of gambling with cards