Styling Your Scarf from Splash in Different Ways

Want to look fashionable with just a simple step? Want to give your casual outfit of the day a wow factor? Well, a scarf from Splash can add that wow factor to your OOTDTying the right knots or just hanging it casually around your neck can give you a very fashionable and a completely new look. Splash has a large variety of scarves that are available in plain colors, have different patterns and designs on them. You can use Splash promo code to get multiple scarves at a low price so that it can complement a majority of your outfits.

Complementing with Colors

There are many ways to tie and style your scarf. Many people like to tie it on their heads to give off a modest look, while others wear it around their necks, they can simply hang it, wrap it like a shawl or tie a knot in different styles or tie it around the waist and hips. If you are wearing plain old blue jeans with a white shirt, you can always pair it with a fawn or red-colored scarf hanging loosely around your neck. If you’re wearing a completely black outfit, that is black jeans and a black shirt, you can complement it well with a mustard-colored scarf from Splash. Use Splash promo code to get these gorgeous rectangular pieces of cloth at an amazing price.

The Triangle Tied Style

There are many ways you can style a scarf with the help of some knots. The most famous knot is the ‘Triangle Tied’. In this style, you can either cover your neck and shoulders or tie it around your head like a bandana. Simply lay down the squared scarf and then fold it in a triangle shape. Bring the two corners together on your head or shoulders and tie a knot in the front to secure it in its place. You can use Splash promo code to get a square cut scarf for this style.

The Loop Tie Style

Another famous knot you can style in your scarf is the ‘Loop Tie’. All you have to do is tie a loose knot at one end of the scarf and then hang it around your neck. Bring another loose end through the loose loop and tighten according to your desire. This style looks best on your short sleeves or sleeveless shirts in the summer season, and in case you are wearing it in the winters, then tighten the knot and pair it with a long coat to give yourself a sophisticated look. You can use Splash promo code to get a matching coat with the scarf for the cold season.

Scarves are available in different fabric materials. You can get them in woolen for the winters and fall season, or you can get them in cotton for the summers. They are also available in the luxurious collection which is usually made of silk and is perfect for semi-casual and formal events. With the variety available at Splash you can mix and match different styles with different designs for various occasions. Just make sure to use the Splash promo code so that you can enjoy great discounts.