Skylights and metal roofing aren’t something people traditionally considered together but here at we are seeing more of our customers considering the option. They are doing so for some very good reasons. This combination has a great many benefits for those seeking a cleaner, more energy efficient environment. It also looks good and is long-lasting when you have an experienced team install the skylights into the metal roofing. Here are some of the greatest benefits of metal roofing in Utah.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of metal roofing Utah residents have discovered is enough to make them one of the most often looked-to choices for those looking to save on energy costs. By adding skylights, you can increase the amount of light entering the building, which reduces lighting costs. You also increase passive solar energy. The combination can add up to thousands of dollars of savings over a lifetime.

Natural Lighting

Scientists have long known the benefits of exposure to natural lighting. natural lighting has been proven to make people both happier and healthier. People who live or work in environments where they are exposed to natural lighting are happier. They are much more productive and they are even more likely to report sleeping better as their internal clocks are set by sunlight. Natural lighting can also reduce the effects of seasonal depression. It isn’t only humans that benefit from natural lighting. Livestock has proven to be healthier when exposed to it.

Reduce Mold and Mildew

These are two of the biggest health risks to those with breathing problems. Metal roofing owners have found that adding skylights helps reduce these issues. Natural sunlight is one of the biggest fighters of these things. When a room is given a combination of controlled humidity and natural lighting, it all but eliminates the development of mold and mildew, creating a healthier breathing environment.

What to Look For

Here are some things to look for in installing skylights in metal roofing:

  1. Map out the best position for optimal sunlight exposure.
  2. Opt for double-pane glass, which adds a full fifteen percent efficiency.
  3. Insulated frames are the best but you can also benefit from wood or fiberglass, which are low conductors of heat. Avoid steel and aluminum frames because they pick up both the heat and cold faster.
  4. Consider adding screens and the ability to open and close your skylight with a remote. This will allow you to enjoy a breeze when it is available.

Final Thoughts

Combining two high-efficiency mediums on your home or place of business, or even in a barn, will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are conserving energy, saving money, and providing a happier, healthier environment for those you care about. Whether you already have a metal roof and want skylights installed or you are looking to have it done all at once, contact us. We will be glad to discuss your needs and help you realize your vision.