Secrets to Sleep that you will not find anywhere else

Workaholics will claim that they do not require sleep. However, this is not true. They sleep at short intervals of time, resting their body for a short time before continuing on with their work. This helps them to increase the productivity of the body, giving the body the bare minimum of rest required before putting it all to use again. To gain back all the energy, they choose one or two days a week when they do not have much work and sleep for a longer period of time. This takes a toll on their body after some time and they start to find addictions in various substances just to remain up and work. The stress begins to take a toll on their mind, putting them under a constant stream of paranoia and hypertension.

Slowly, they start to find distractions from life just to get away from their daily routine. They do all this when all they actually need is a good 8 hours of sleep every day. The workaholics may argue that their regular intervals all accumulate to 8 hours of sleep, but they tend to forget that in the first few hours of sleep, the body is just resting down to a normal pace, bringing in the relaxed phase when you fall into deep slumber. This is the phase when the body actually goes to sleep and relaxes the internal activity. Spending around 8 hours in bed means that you are spending almost one-third of your life in bed. On a daily basis, it may not seem like much, but when you calculate the total number of years that you have spent sleeping, you might be shocked.

People often claim that they are unable to go to sleep at night. They claim that they suffer from insomnia. Some even claim that they have nightmares when they sleep, which is why they cannot go to sleep for long times. There are some ways to boost your sleep, which include some of the following:

  • Using tracking applications can help you monitor the time that you have been sleeping every day. Statistics like this helps you gain motivation to find just the right amount of sleep and adjust it in your schedule.
  • Reading a book before going to bed can calm your mind without stimulating the mind too much.
  • Avoid the use of cell phones right before going to bed. Send your Good Night texts about half an hour before you decide to go to bed. Some of the best Good Night texts are available on
  • Open the blinds before you go to bed. This way, the sunlight in the morning will filter through into your room and you will wake up naturally without the use of an alarm clock.
  • Stop worrying about sleep. Much of the stress comes into play when we start worrying that we only have oh so many hours left to sleep to factor in all the work. We get worked up about the fact and the whole purpose of the activity is ruined.

Using these sleeping hacks can boost your sleeping hours and get you the rest that you need. Clearing your mind before going to bed is necessary in order to prevent the nightmares from disturbing your sleep. If that does not help, find a good therapist and understand the root cause of your nightmares.