Saying Goodbye with Legacy Chapel Funeral Home and Crematory

Saying goodbye to loved one is the most difficult a person has to do during their lifetime. Death, being inevitable, we all are forced to face this bitter truth and saying goodbye to our loved ones upon their death by arranging a funeral or cremation service to honour their lives.

Legacy Chapel, situated in Madison, AL, understand how difficult it is for family to make funeral arrangement for saying goodbye to their deceased loved one while still under shock and grief of losing a loved one, and hereby as dedicated itself in serving the communities of Madison and Huntsville, Alabama by supporting grieving families and taking over funeral and cremation services on their behalf, allowing them to grieve saying goodbye to their loved one without undergoing the stress of making funeral arrangements.

Legacy Chapel is well equipped with facilities to hold funeral services such as a 250 seater chapel, stained glass with LED backlit, gathering room for having meals, a separate children’s area, a separating viewing area for closure etc, giving grieving families a wide array of option for saying good bye to their deceased loved ones.

Legacy Chapel provide a large variety of funeral and cremation services such as

  • Services of funeral director
  • Embalming
  • Preparation of the deceased for display
  • Immediate burial
  • Casket Rental
  • Grave Set-up.
  • Receiving remains from another funeral house
  • Forwarding remains to another funeral house.
  • Rental of hearse for transportation of dead bodies
  • Direct cremation

An unique services offered by Legacy Chapelis allowing a person to plan, arrange and pay for their own funeral upon their demise. The benefits of planning your own funeral include:

  • Allows family members to grieve and reducing their stress related to making funeral related decisionsas all decisions have being taken care by the deceased during their lifetime, allowing the family members an opportunity saying goodbye without any external distractions.
  • Reduces financial Burden of their grieving family members with a sudden funeral expenses as these have being taken care by the deceased during their lifetime.
  • People can lock in current low rates and save their family members from paying higher rates in the future.
  • The deceased can leave saying goodbye to the world in a manner of their choice.

Legacy Chapel also undertakes several community outreach programs such as grief counselling, free educational seminars etc and remains open 24/7 and is open even on holidays.