MBP Solutions Products

MBP Solutions is a reputable company that engages in the collection, handling and processing of biological raw materials for a whole range of purposes. The company has become a world leader in transforming by-products considered as waste by some industries into useful materials for other industries across the globe. Here are six products MBP Solutions has to offer.

1.      Biofuels and bio liquids

The company is well experienced in the provision and handling of both biofuels and bio liquids since it established its first biofuel storage and factory facility back in 2002. Since then, they have been working with many energy producers worldwide who appreciate the high quality biofuels and bio liquids MBP offers.

These biofuels and bio liquids are carbon neutral and affordable compared to the other types of mineral oil based fuels such as diesel. Another benefit of using MBP biofuels and bio liquids is that they are suitable for a wide range of applications, the most common being in the road transport, electricity and heat generation facilities.

2.      Biogas and bio methane

MBP provides a wide variety of substrates for biogas and bio methane production. These substrates are extractions from food, feed or oleo chemical producers who generate them as inevitable by-products then used as co-substrates together with agricultural substrates.

Before releasing them to the market, the company has to conduct a thorough analysis of the substrates by calculating their gas potential and monitoring them to ensure that they comply with the legal requirements before registering them for use in biogas plants.

The evaluation of how the substrates for any individual plant would interact with other substrates and how to manage them within the biogas and bio methane plant is important since it makes it possible for the clients to enjoy an optimum output of the biogas or the bio methane acquired.


3.      Technical products

MBP presents suitable and ecofriendly technical products by developing various applications that offer a higher form of recycling instead of the lower forms such as the energy generation, which involves the burning bio-based by-products to produce heat and energy.

Some of these technical products are from the oleo chemical and fish industry. An example of oleo chemical by-products from MBP is the bio-based by-product for asphalt, which replaces mineral oil based product.

An example of technical product from the fish industry is the FOEE (Fish Oil Ethyl Ester) which is a by-product generated from the production of fish oils to produce Omega-3 products. MBP has developed several applications for FOEE some of them being, as a solvent in the ink industry, to optimize the properties of bitumen as a binder and using FOEE as an eco-friendly release agent for concrete casting release.

4.      Feed products

MBP has been able to develop high-quality product portfolio for a variety of animal feed using only the best raw materials. Some of the animal species catered for include, fish, shrimp, pigs, cows, horses and poultry. The animal feeds are not only nutritionally compliant but also meet the necessary regulations such as the ISO 9001, the ISO14001 and GMP+ certified.

5.      Fertilizers

MBP also provides a wide range of fertilizers to help the farmers that are growing plants or for those in wastewater treatment plants growing bacteria for the wastewater purification.

For farming purposes, some of the MBP fertilizers contain biological oils that reduce the nutrient evaporation by being acidic hence lowering the pH, which minimizes the rate of evaporation.

6.      Pet foods

MBP respects the fact that pets have become real members in many families hence the need to feed them with the best pet food. The company offers high quality pet foods with valuable ingredients that include oils and proteins to satisfy the pet food market. Their potato protein is very common in many grain-free products since it contains a protein content of about 80%


All products from MBP Solutions are of the highest quality in order to suit the customers’ needs and preferences. For more information on how to access their biological by-products visit https://www.mbpsolutions.com