Learn About the Common Ways of hand numbness treatment

Feeling numbness in hand on waking up is quite a common occurrence among many people. But the problem arises if the numbness persists throughout the day. Numbness of your hands can be the symptom of some underlying health conditions. So it is important to visit a good doctor and start the hand numbness treatment [ ผ่าตัด มือ ชา, which is the term in Thai] as soon as possible. 

Treatment procedure

The treatment for hand numbness begins with diagnosing the actual reason behind the issue. Without knowing the cause, you cannot undergo the treatment. The common treatment procedure usually involves some of the following combinations:

  • Regular exercise

If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then some exercises can help improve the symptoms and also increase the strength of the muscles. Posture exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises can help much.

  • Medications

To get rid of the pain, the doctor may suggest taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen, which will help control the mild pain and related inflammation affecting the hands and neck.

  • Splints

Wearing the wrist splint or guard will aid in keeping the wrist straight and relieve the pressure on the median nerve. It is feasible to wear the guard while performing the repetitive tasks, too, so that the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome start to subside. 

  • Vitamin B 12 supplements

The hand numbness treatment also includes intake of oral Vitamin B-12 supplements. If the deficiency of the Vitamin is the root cause o the numbness, then you may have to take the Vitamin B-12 injections too.

  • Topical treatments

Capsaicin creams and Lidocaine patches are good for applying on the skin to cure the pain of nerves. Topical medicines containing menthol can also relieve the pain.

With so many options of treatment, allow the doctor to prescribe the best combination of treatments for recovery.