Judging the signs of anxiety in your child

Human brain works with its own signals to the parts of the body when the brain anticipates the stress full situations or the situations faced never before. In such conditions brain sends its signals to the body to handle the situations. Anxiety is one such signal which brain sends to the body parts to prepare for the coming situations. This situation helps in preparing for the stressful conditions well in advance for example getting ready for your final exam well before the scheduled time is one such situation where anxiety helps in coping with the situations. Similarly the preparation one does for the upcoming exam is the benefit of concern.

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Why to worry then?  

This anxiety when increases to many folds results in the sleeplessness and getting over cautious can be the cause of concern. Thus, it is quite important to understand anxiety symptoms in children. These symptoms are as follows:

  • Fears: The child who has the problem of anxiety is more fearful than other children of their age group. This fear could be from certain things which are known as phobias or he is scared from certain situations.  
  • No change is accepted: These children do not accept the change in their schedule or routine. They find this change to be hard to handle by them.
  • Sensitive to noise: These children are scared from the noise. They cannot accept any loud sounds in their vicinity. They are scared from any unusual sound in their nearby area.  
  • Rigid in the clothing: They are very particular about their clothing. They cannot accept any change in their clothing’s where as few of them may have reservations to the particular design of clothes.
  • Cautious about the cleanliness: These children are quite cautious in keeping themselves clean. They just cannot bear the dirty hands and clothes.