How to bypass geo-blocks to watch the NFL

NFL US game pass blackouts:

This year’s NFL season is all set to enthrall the viewers. The regular NFL season will continue till December. With the NFL zeal sizzling in the air, US viewers are all but excited to stream the entire NFL season without any restrictions. However, the NFL US game pass will get in the way of many viewers because of the blackouts associated with it. Keeping in view the current scenario, the American NFL viewers are skimming for ways to circumvent blackouts posed by geo-blocks accompanying the domestic passes.

NFL US game pass geo-blocks:

NFL offers an official streaming package, the NFL game pass, which allows the users to stream each and every game of the season. Viewers get to enjoy live streaming of the games in a highly reliable manner by using this pass. Unfortunately, the NFL game pass is not exclusive of geo-blocks.

  • The NFL US game pass is subjected to a high degree of blackouts which extend to unavailability of regular season/postseason matches. The main challenge which lies ahead of US NFL game pass owners is the mapping of content blackouts and geo-restrictions in the American region. You can view the Availability by Area of Domestic US NFL game passes tackle with this challenge more effectively.
  • Similarly, the NFL game pass for UK viewers is also subject to a lot of blackouts.

We understand that no NFL zealot would like to miss out on amazing season highlights just because of minor geo-blocks. So we have found a way which lets you bypass these geo-blocks.

Solution- Purchasing international NFL game passes using a VPN:

The international NFL game passes offer a greater degree of streaming. These International passes and their perks include:

  • The cheapest NFL game pass is available at only US124.99/ year. It offers blackout-free streaming of regular season and postseason matches in Egypt, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  • The NFL game pass for Canadian viewers can be purchased at $20.month and this pass also allows streaming of entire season.
  • The US NFL fans can purchase any of these International Game passes to bypass the game blackouts.
  • Purchasing of International NFL game passes is only possible by circumventing geo-blocks which can be achieved by connecting to a high-quality VPN to stream NFL International Game Pass.

Note: Make sure that you connect to the same VPN for international and domestic NFL game passes as it is stated that the NFL Game Pass is available in the market and location in which it is purchased.