How Does Outgoing Student Exchange Program Works?

The international relations workplace adheres to an open application as well as a selection system, where all relevant information of an exchange program is marketed at least 1 to 6 months ahead of time, depending upon the intimation from the host college. Email notices are sent to the university for Ph.D.or M.Phil student exchanges, or to the concerned secretariats for M.A. or B.A. student exchanges, which are after that forwarded to worried students. Furthermore, notifications are likewise installed on notification boards of the exchange program, Centers, Schools, as well asDining Halls.

The exchange program has nominated one faculty contact as well asone management call in each school as “the exchange program contact to pass on any type of information related to the exchange programs as well as promote the option or election of outward-bound exchange students or professors from their respective campuses. The notification for the very same is sent to these exchange programs vital get in contact with individuals in the corresponding schools with a duplicate to the Deputy Supervisors of the respective schools.

Depending on the seriousness as well as demand, the period in between notice and entry of finished application is determined. Nonetheless, students are offered at least 7 days to submit their applications.

In a situation there are no applications sent or no appropriate candidates, the exchange program may be re-advertised up to two times. If there are still no appropriate applicants, the Director may nominate a student or relax the requirements at her discernment. The exchange program may likewise re-advertise an exchange program in situations the variety of exchange possibilities, as well as the number of applications, coincide, in order to ensure a fair selection.

It has been determined that the majority of the student exchange programs will be open only to MA/BA as well as Ph.D. students across the four schools. An outward-bound exchange program for M.Philstudents will be intended as per instance ona specific/case basis. However, primarily M.Phil students will not be considered for student exchange as it is difficult to send them during the first year as a result of coursework and in the second year as they have to send their M.Phil thesis within the stated time.