How Does Amphetamine Affect Muscle Wasting?

Chronic methamphetamine abuse leads to muscle atrophy, which inevitably accelerates the aging process. The consequence of a decrease in muscle mass is the decrepitude of all vital organs.
Muscle atrophy affects both skeletal and smooth muscle and heart muscle. The muscle cells of the heart (cardiomyocytes) are subjected to a double effect since in addition to the contractile work of the muscles, they are responsible for conducting a nerve impulse in the myocardium, which starts the contraction cycle.
The heart of a methamphetamine addict is doubly old. Side effects in the form of a rapid heartbeat, rhythm disturbances cannot be ignored; to prevent a heart attack, be sure to call an ambulance.

Effect of methamphetamine on appearance.

Others are struck by the catastrophic consequences of drug use, which appear in the patient’s appearance literally in 2-4 months. Scratches, abrasions, open wounds appear on the skin.
These signs indicate a psychosis characterized by the sensation of beetles crawling over the skin. During hallucinations, the patient tries to pull imaginary bedbugs out from under the skin with the help of very real objects – needles, a knife, scissors.
In the course of the veins, into which the needles of syringes were repeatedly stuck, inflamed, reddened areas appear. These signs are characteristic of venous inflammation – phlebitis. With increased blood clotting, phlebitis can result in the formation of a blood clot, separation of a blood clot and blockage of a vessel in the brain, which causes a stroke.
A typical characteristic of a drug addict is an unkempt appearance, the absence of most of the teeth, as a result of which a person’s face changes beyond recognition. Taking any drug is incompatible with personal hygiene, but methamphetamine destroys teeth much faster than other psychoactive drugs.
Teeth decay quickly, regardless of how the drug was applied.
Loss of teeth occurs as a result of:
 – severe dry mouth caused by drug use;
 – bruxism, characteristic of methamphetamine addiction;
 – non-observance of oral hygiene during marathons.
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