How do students choose HONOR mobile phones?

With the earth-shaking changes in the city and the changing living environment, people’s living conditions are getting better and better. Mobile phones have changed from luxury goods to necessities today. HONOR, as one of the world’s well-known brand mobile phone suppliers. It has captured the hearts of the public in terms of both color value and performance in the UK. And it has seen long queues during the sale on more than one occasion.

HONOR saw the business opportunities and opened its own HONOR official store in UK. As an important customer, students have brought new market requirements to mobile phone producers. Not only need to meet the basic configuration, but also need to pay attention to the appearance. Of course, the most important thing is that the price can cater to the student group. HONOR also did this well.

Many students are non-income people. So the most important way to purchase electronic products is through their parents. Then in an ordinary family, buying a mobile phone with moderate price and favorite has become a public demand. In today’s hot HONOR official store in UK, many mobile phone models can meet this demand.

The HONOR 10 series of mobile phones, which are mainly displayed in the merchandise display area. They are “more fashionable and beautiful in color change”. And they are close to the use requirements of student groups in all aspects. As an updated HONOR 9 product, it retains the design features of double cameras and double-sided glass body materials. And its selling price is basically the same as that of the previous generation. It can be said that it is a sincere product.

In terms of appearance, HONOR 10 will naturally not fall behind. The screen is a full screen with a specification of 5.84 inches, 2280*1080 resolution. The screen ratio is 18: 9. In addition, It features a special-shaped full screen. Users can set up hidden bangs to achieve better visual sensory experience. For young users to use phones to watch movies and TV habits, it is reliable attraction.

Mobile phone games are the most frequently used aspect of student groups. The performance of the game has been greatly improved on HONOR 10. The new core architecture of Kirin 970 is adopted. The performance raises and the energy consumption down at the same time. Reaching the middle and upper level. In dealing with large-scale games and complex applications, there is no problem.

As a group of female students, HONOR 10 has successfully met the demand for photos. Front 24 megapixel camera supports AI selfie beauty. The rear camera uses a dual camera combination of 16 megapixels and 24 megapixels. And it equipped with a large F/1.8 aperture. Equipped with a new generation of dual ISP image processor. It can better capture colors. The sample taken is clear, high in saturation and free from obvious noise. The filter is well controlled. It can be said to be an excellent camera phone.

In addition, its other aspects are all pleasantly surprised. Such as network standard, endurance, fast charging technology, sound quality, etc. Consumers can go to the specific mobile phone model of HONOR’s official online store. Learning more about its various configurations, bringing you a different brand-new experience.