Eight Must-Have Stacked Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

The stacked bob haircuts are simply fascinating and versatile. Therefore, if you have been searching for the best style to rock, this bob hairstyle is ideal for you. It is made beautiful by the extra short length, medium haircuts.

If you don’t know much about the bob hairstyles or it looks something so strange to hear, you will get to understand everything here. It is not really what you know, rather stacked bob is unique and trendy hairstyle for every woman.


1. Sleek Stack

The main benefit of stacked bob hairstyle is its round silhouette that looks seamless on women with straight hair. The style has beautiful angles which are accentuated by sleek layers. It looks great on any woman.

2. Bob with Wispy Layers

Angled bob is the best technique for your classic short cut. Transform this look by applying a texturizing spray and styling the straight hair with some creamy wax. The laid-back vibe makes it look extra cute.


3. Short Blonde Bob with Piece-Y-Layers

This a great bob augmented with piecey layers to create a rounded silhouette. It is ideal for the square and rectangular face types, especially if the hair in the front goes down up to the chin. Nevertheless, the blonde highlights boost the movement and the hair texture.

4. Stacked Jaw-Length Bob for Short Straight Hair

The stacked bobs have more edginess as compared to the blunt layered bobs. They look extra sass but can fit any event-a day in an office or a night out. With many styling options, you can style it for different occasions. It gives great versatility for styling.

5. Two -Toned Angled Stack

Indeed, a scorching and sweet style. Contrasting the platinum blonde against fuchsia provides a look that is tantamount in colouring the locks.


6. Platinum Blonde Bob

The beauty of stacked bob haircuts lies in their capacity to emphasise the volume of even the slimmest tresses. The back is further layered to give your hair an oomph. To make it even stand out, enhance the texture and make the hair roots teased.

7. Inverted Bob Haircut

An undercut is a bang punk approach to this glamorous statement-making stacked haircut. As it incorporates so much in its styling, opt for a down toned hue with less styling such as gently curved. This is possible by using a round brush and a blow-dry.

8. Sharp Angled Stacked

This stacked hairstyle uses dramatic layers at the back with elongated nape and straight, angled front making it ideal for the ladies who want the look of a bob with an effortless pixie cut. It is a wash-and-go haircut, and you will not have to bother about getting those forever-lost hair bands when you pull off this look.