Common Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating

Similar to human beings, your dogs are also attacked by various bacteria and viruses that give birth to health hazards. There are different reasons that cause health problems in your dog but it’s really hard to examine the actual cause of the problem. Being a responsible pet owner, most of you already know that with the change in behaviour you can easily check the occurrence of any health issue in your dog. But the most common sign that your dog shows is the loss of appetite that discards them from eating the regular diet.

So, here we will discuss the common issues of low appetite in your dog.

Common Illness: With the change in environment or any change in the living area, there is a high possibility of having common cold or fever in pets. Your dog when gets affected with common illness lose interest in food that leads to loss of appetite and gives birth to many other health problems.

Presence of Heartworms, Ringworms, etc: During the summer, it’s most common to have mosquito bite that leaves the larvae in your dog’s body and hence gives birth to ringworms, heartworms, etc. This is another case when your dog will stop eating. However, there are many other signs that you can consider as the presence of heartworms, ringworms or hookworms in his body. For such problems, you should consider Heartgard Plus medicine which can be given to your pet. The medicine is available in form of chewing gum with added flavours.

Medicine Side Effect: This case occurs due to two reasons. In one case when your dog is given overdose, that can cause its side effect on the body. In the second case, when you give medicine that doesn’t suit your pet, it also gives birth to health issues along with the loss of appetite. This is the sole reason why you are always recommended to start with the small dose of medication to examine whether it suits your dog or not.

Dog’s stomach making noises: Standard, quiet borborygmi happen when standard extents of gas are gone through the stomach related organs at a standard arrangement. Anomalous riotously intestinal sounds occur if the stomach related organs intertwine exceptionally immense extents of gas, or at whatever point the stomach related organs experience odd expanded activity. Both these wonders routinely occur simultaneously.

Physical Problem: This is a rare problem in comparison to the aforementioned points. In some cases, when your dog gets physical damage in his mouth, it becomes tough to chew the food and engulf it properly. On one hand, his body requires adequate food intake, but is unable to chew the food properly, this also causes loss of appetite. Here, your dog will try to take his food, but won’t be able to eat it properly. This is the basic sign of physical damage to your dog’s mouth.

Final Words: Now, the entire problem has one solution i.e. medication. But to give proper medication to your dog, it’s important to first determine the actual cause of the problem and take a veterinary prescription. Those who are experienced pet owners can easily understand the body language of their pet. But a newbie must always heed the actions of their pet and take every behavioural change seriously.

In short, the more you care your pet, the longer will be his life. Your pet requires your love and affection along with your care.