Benefits of Air Filtration in Business

Many companies don’t want to make the investment into a high-quality air filtration system due to the cost. While it may be a large investment upfront, it can help save your company a significant amount of money over the long run by improving the air quality in your building. An air filtration pennsylvania system has many benefits besides the environmental ones that most consider upon thinking air filtration.

The environmental impact of an air filtration system has is an important factor to consider. Not only are you helping to keep our planet cleaner by not releasing as many harmful pollutants in the air, there may eventually be laws that require a proper filtration system in your building. The emission standards coming from the EPA have becoming increasingly stricter over the years, instead of purchasing the equipment at the last minute, it’s a good idea in many cases to think pro-actively so it’s not a surprise cost in the long run.

Keeping the air quality in your building high can help to ensure that your employees operate at peak productivity. Experts have dubbed the effects of poor air quality at a business “sick building syndrome”. Not only does this result in decreased productivity, it also decreases the levels of satisfaction that employees report about their job.

Beyond production concerns, poor air quality can also cause health problems among employees as well, especially in the winter when buildings tend to have less ventilation than during the summer. Fumes can build up rather quickly in a building with manufacturing processes taking place. These contaminants can lead to significant health problems such as breathing issues and even chronic conditions. This can impact a company on a moral level and a business standpoint as well as it could cause an increase in sick days.

An air dryer filtration system can also help your HVAC system run at peak performance by keeping the filters cleaner for longer. With the filters staying clean, they will have to be replaced less often and your HVAC system won’t run with as much strain on it. This can help your HVAC system last longer, sometimes years, and reduce the costs of replacing the filters so often. On top of that, air filtration can create less build-up of dust meaning less cleaning will be required.

Poor air quality can also affect electronic equipment such as desktops, laptops, and computers attached to equipment. Over time, particles in the air can build up on the components and cause them to overheat. This occurs since fans and radiators are used to maintain a proper temperature on the equipment and they cannot properly disperse heat if clogged with dust and other particulates. If a fan on a processor is covered with a thick layer of dust, it is unable to spin at the speeds required to cool the equipment. If this happens on components cooled by a radiator, the dust creates a layer of insulation that makes heat unable to be drawn away from the equipment that it is trying to protect.