Basic Pool Cleaning Supplies To Make Maintenance A Snap  

While pool ownership brings excitement and fun, in order to keep the water sparkling and crystal clear, along with keeping the water pH in balance, there are basic maintenance tasks that must be completed on a regular basis. There are many pool supplies, tools, and equipment that can make those tasks a lot easier to keep up with. Here are some of the basic pool supplies you should have on hand to perform routine pool maintenance.

Telescopic Poles

Whether you are attaching a net or brush, a telescopic pole makes it easier to reach hard to get to spots in your pool. Telescopic poles come in a variety of lengths and are typically made from aluminum or fiberglass. They have holes in the end to accommodate different accessories.

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One of the easiest ways to keep your pool clean is to remove debris and leaves regularly. Pool nets make this removal easier and can reduce strain on your pool filter. A skim net will remove floating leaves and debris, while a deeper net called a “leaf rake” allows you to scoop leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool.

Vacuum Heads and Hoses

Pool nets won’t remove dirt, so if dirt has accumulated at the bottom of your pool the easiest way to remove it is to simply vacuum it up. Your pool should be vacuumed on a regular basis, not only to remove unsightly dirt, but to dislodge and remove algae as well. A vacuum hose is attached to a vacuum head, which attaches to the telescopic pole. When the vacuum head is plugged into a vacuum line or skimmer suction hole and then lowered into the pool, water and debris are sucked into the filter pump basket which is then emptied. There are two different types of vacuum heads – one has brushes and the other has wheels and is weighted.

Pool Brushes

Of all the pool supplies that are commonly overlooked, pool brushes are one of the most useful. Brushing your pool walls and floor removes dirt, algae and films that aren’t removed by vacuuming or filtering. Your swimming pool and spa should be brushed at least once per week. Pool brushes typically attach to a telescopic pole and are available in plastic or stainless bristles and in various sizes for the pool bottom, corners and steps.

Tile Brushes

Tile can quickly get a buildup of oils, films, debris and calcium that is difficult to remove. Brushing your tile weekly with a tile brush and tile cleaner will keep your tile clean and eliminate unsightly buildup.

Pumice Stones

Sometimes pools can get localized stains that are difficult to remove with a brush. A pumice stone made out of light, porous lava stone can be used to remove stains as well as get rid of calcium deposits on tile work. Some have handles, while others can be attached to a telescopic pole to reach awkward areas.

When you have the right tools and pool supplies on hand it is a lot easier to keep up with your basic pool maintenance, stay on a cleaning schedule and prevent issues from becoming a bigger problem later.