Are you looking for a Hollywood Sound Stage?

When you are choosing a sound stage in Hollywood there are many things to consider.  Like location, size, rental cost, availability.  There are many in the greater Hollywood/Los Angeles area to choose from, depending on your budget and needs.

Goya Studios

This studio is a top Hollywood sound stage.  With competitive rates and a great working environment.  Goya Studios Sound Stage is a great fit for video, film, and still photography.  There are three shooting areas here, which you can choose from based on size.  They also provide a make-up room, dressing room, grip area, and kitchen, you’ll be taken care of at Goya.  They have a convenient load in area with eight parking spaces and additional parking nearby can be purchased for $25 if needed.

The owner of Goya studios Nina Moayer says, “We are all about service and treating our customers well, making sure they are happy during their time here.”

Goya is located at 1541 N Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood.  One block east of Highland and one block south of Santa Monica in a Spanish style building.

Check out the website or call for details.  (323)467-6943

Film Studios

Many Film Studios have Hollywood sound stages with two green screens.  Most of the stages are Chroma Key Cyclorama’s that are pre-lit and connected wirelessly for lighting adjustments.  These stages are often convenient and affordable.

They have production supplies, grip and lighting equipment on hand which is included in your day rate.  Most Film Studios are “truly green” Hollywood sound stage, with large solar power array which generates almost all of their power.

Many hollywood film studios have 2 sound stages so you can pick which one is best for the scenes you need to shoot.  They have a talent lounge, gated parking with free parking, built-in dark rooms, bathrooms, and showers.  Most film studios also have a make-up rooms and kitchen facilities.

Los Angeles Sound Stages

Most Los Angeles sound stages provide you with North, South, East, and West, stages; plus a backlot set.  They provide a great shooting environment for film, commercial, and television productions, along with an amazing print photography space. They have just about any type of set design you need, plus two production support rooms.  These sets can be some of the most versatile sound stages in Hollywood.  When the time comes you can even host your premiere party here.

Many Los Angeles sound stages provide props, art direction, and digital retouching services onsite.

Whether you are looking for a high-end film shoot, low budget video, green screen, or a great still photo set, you won’t go wrong with most Hollywood sound stages depending on your needs and budget.