7 Helpful Tips on Using Instagram Successfully For B2B Business

Instagram takes pride in having 800 million+ monthly active users. If you want to gather more momentum and push lead generation for your B2B business, Instagram can be a big help, provided you use it in the correct ways which align with the business-to-business industry opposed to B2C (business-to-consumer).

Although the difference approaches are not major, there are slight adaptations you will need to be aware of when looking to use it in this way rather that the casual way you might be exposed to when browsing through your Instagram feed at home.

Read the following guideline for using Instagram for B2B business:

  1. User Engaging Content (Image + Writings)

You will be judged the way you post content (so be creative and also aware of trends and how to look relevant in 2018). Since Instagram is all about photos, you need to provide captions and paragraphs with all of your photos.

Business people like to make logical decisions so you need to play it straight. Answer the question of ‘why’.

Give them reasons to start dealing with you. Talk about your former clients, partners and why you provide the best service in the free market. If you can display the value which you add then Instagram is going to deliver effective psychological impacts on your audience.

  1. Using Hashtags

When writing posts, use hashtags. They can help organize your posts, as well as, place your portfolio on one place.

You can use specific hashtags for multiple marketing campaigns. Hashtags help you get a unique name for yourself and other business owners and general public can engage in interactive discussions, using particular hashtags.

Do not underestimate the hashtag and remember the consistency of doing it is what will deliver. Experiment with new hashtags and further to this look at similar businesses across your industry to see what tags they are applying to gain traction.

Hashtags just give you the chance to position yourself in-front of the audience who are relevant for your product or service and they are logically beneficial.

  1. Talking About Goals and Ideology

Business world is saturated. A lot of people are providing same products but all of them have different goals.

Let people and most importantly, other businesses, know about your goals, your ideology. The way you write your content, explaining your ideology will attract likeminded business ideologist companies.

Together, you both can get involved in achieving greater goals.

  1. Getting Involved in Your Niche

You need to adopt a diverse posting scheme and that will truly happen once you fully get invested in your niche.

See posts of your competitors and people providing services in the same niche. Learn from them and then, imitate the actions of their posts.

Write unique and diverse content but notice the way they write their posts and promote their content. This will put you in the race and if you are persistent enough, you may win the competition one day.

  1. Introducing Your Employees and Workplace

You are not meeting physically. On social media, you are sitting behind a screen, trying to attract other businesses.

Normally, without trust and reference, most businesses are scared of having unknown deals with other people. To establish trust, you need to be open on your Instagram.

Introduce your employees and workplace. Talk about qualification, work experience, assembly units, production center and marketing team – Upload anything which relates to your office. When people will know about you beforehand, it will be easier for them to approach you.

  1. Former B2B and B2C Clients

Upload pictures, stories and videos of your former clients (with their consent). They will provide valuable testimonies, which will fetch you more contracts. You are giving a relatability to your brand and telling a story. Again, all you are doing is making yourself visible through the power of informative imagery (and maybe a slumber filter or two).

  1. The Magic of Your Instagram Bio

While Instagram does have some linking restriction on its platform to prevent spamming, you can put a link in your bio and in stories directly when using a business account. Write an awe-inspiring introduction, provided by a link to your website or portfolio.

Your bio will help form the initial impression while the link will help other business parties survey your portfolio and website. If everything is liked by business parties, you will gain contracts.